Somaliland: Traditional leaders Accuse Burao Police of Gross Misconduct


By: Latifa YusufSomaliland police is a highly disciplined force

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – The death of person in police custody has raised concern in Burao town.

Traditional leaders from Burao town, the capital of Toghdeer region have accused police officials of gross misconduct leading that led to the death of person who was in their custody at the town’s central police station.

During a press conference the leaders who informed that a man held on murder charges died of wounds that were inflicted during his confinement.

According to Chief Mohamed Ahmed the death is solely the responsibility of police since it occurred while the deceased was in their custody.

Said he, “We are here to inform of our concern for the death in police custody of a murder suspect”

The chief who said that the police should come clean on the circumstances leading to the death since they were in-charge of his safety as well as the keys to his cell.

Burao elders want answersAccording to post mortem results from Doctors at the Burao Group Hospital the corpse was found to bear many wounds that might have caused the death which occurred on the 26th November at the central police station.

According to the traditional leaders the deceased whose body is still at the Burao mortuary shall not be buried until police come clean on the circumstances which ensued thus the death through grievous bodily harm to a suspect in their custody.

Elder Muse Abdi Mahmud who pleaded with the president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for intervention in resolving the mystery amicable, asked the interior minister to ensure that investigations are expedited thus avail the head of state factual information for his action.

While the police informed that they shall respond to the accusations of misconduct after investigations, it is not clear whether the wounds were inflicted at the police station since Somalilandsun sources indicate that the suspect was engaged in brawl with a number of people following a car accident that result in the death he was accused of .