Somaliland: Nationhood is too Dear, Haqsoor Chief Tells Youth


By: M.A.Egge

Following the rampaging youth who cried foul following election Leaders urge restrain among Haqsoor supporters results, Haqsoor chief Hon. Hassan Isse Jama has called on the youth who supported his party to breach no more peace.

Hon. Isse gave the appeal in the wake of youth who went on rampage immediately after the Marodijeh civic county election results were announced.

“It is a fact that those who are rioting are Haqsoor supporters, however it should be clear that the national sovereignty has no price tag, so is peace priceless,” emphasized Hon. Isse.

The former VP who is technically a Guurti member calmed the youth despite the fact that he still held that the NEC rigged the elections.

“Whole regions were denied voting,” he alleged, and added “and records were tempered with later on to change numbers”.

So far calm has returned to Ahmed Dagah district, a venue of running riot incidents for two days.

The NEC has since put on hold the preliminary Hargeisa results pending “a review in order to have all concerned boss Isse Hamari’s declaration yesterday.