Somaliland: Legislator of SL Origin Assassinated in Mogadishu, another Injured


The vehicle in which the two MPs were driving during the shooting in Mogadishu/ courtesy google

By: Yusuf M Hasan
(Somalilandsun) – A member of parliament in the Somalia Federal Government-SFG has died from gunshot wounds in Mogadishu.
The deceased MP Yusuf Mohamed Dirir was killed by yet to be identified gunmen during a drive by shooting in Mogadishu’s Maka al Mukarama area where his colleague MP Abdale Boos Ahmed sustained life threatening injuries.
The two legislators serving in the Somalia parliament are politicians of Somaliland origin owing allegiance to the SFG.
Other yet to be confirmed reports indicate that Mukhtar Mohamed Ali a bodyguard of one of the MPs also of Somaliland origin lost his life too while the driver is nursing injuries.
While motive behind the shooting remains vague somalilanders who live in various parts of Somalia and owe political allegiance to the SFG are feeling nostalgia thence up in arms against alleged discrimination by both authorities and citizens.
On the other hand Al-Shabaab a militant group battling the SFG and supporting AMISOM troops for control of the wartorn country has in the recent past intensified attacks against government officials and facilities.
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