Somaliland: Ongoing Deliberations will Break the Impasse


Somalilandsun – Whatever happens as concerns the tripartite political conciliatory talks pitting the state and the ruling Kulmiye party on one side and the opposition ones, Wadani and UCID on the other, Somalilanders believe strongly hence rests assured that the impasse would be detonated and amicable agreements reached.

As we argued in this column in our preceding issue do we reiterate today that we, as all Somalilanders do, are quite convictional to the fact that the whole scenario is just bubbles simmering in a tea-cup.
In other words, according to our natural traditional reconciliatory norms, we always overcome more precarious political turbulences through our homegrown manner; thus especially where outsiders do not meddle in our social tenets.
Just as it have vividly evidenced, the swift, speedy and within the bating-of-an-eyelid have SL received un-warranted strong worded retorts from supposedly friendly partners.
Somalilanders may have taken the sharp retorts in a humble and graceful manner had the IC been responding with such speed on the numerous other plights of SL whenever we were cornered.
It is thus quite justifiable for the populace to frown in deep consternation and cast strong suspicions on the real reasons of such hasty decision and step from the party of the friendly partners.
Moreover, fast on the heels of the IC elections steering committee’s statements have the ICG equally brought forth alarming aspersions on our stability.
They (ICG) have just blown out of proportions hence painted, quite unjustifiably, grave impressions on our social public order!
To make it worse, to underpin the intended bullying nature of the wordings, they hinted a negative impact on future of the News Deal pact hence ironically pinpointed (while naming) the UK and lamping all the other IC countries together!- (given that the UK are our erstwhile friendly nation).
We know our cue and are constantly working to further our relationships with our friends perpetually.
We believe we shall overcome the little political hiccups and all would be well sooner rather than later.
Such statements can only aggravate the feelings of suspicion and hard feelings by the populace. Our first servitude is indebted first and foremost to our own country.
The talks between our own leaders are on and they have retreated to have consultations for a day and would resume deliberations to break the deadlock tomorrow.
Better still, with the bold announcement that was of consensus by the three political parties, the IC failed to see that they said that they would deal with the subject politically hence address it in such manner through reconciliations.
With thus, it has paved the way leaving a wonderful highway of understanding, even before their talks began.
And now, contrary to similar alarming wordings from the media, they have retreated to consult their subsequent camps definitely looking for further loopholes to ease and circumvent bottlenecks.
Again, whatever the case, all Somalilanders believe that we have always had good acumen of/though homemade-homestead rapports of goodwill whenever outsiders let us be.
We respect, like and hope to work and have even better bilateral relations with our friends, partners and the world community at large.

This is an original editorial of The Horn Tribune English weekly published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group