Somaliland: Is There More Than Meets The Eyes On Yemeni Suspects?


Geeljire wants court actionEditorial

What emanates out of Sanaag as concerns the plight/or (is it saga?) of the Yemeni plunderers of SL waters pilfering the resources is indeed a major barb in our administrative coordination system.

Much worse, it concerns the administration of justice; a department that, least of all, should never ever have any parts of it tinged with, again, any miscarriage (whatsoever).

Going by the words of the fisheries minister as reported in the media, there is a major breakdown of co-ordination in the management of the regional affairs.

For one, is it a question of the lack of simple logistical facilities that the suspects cannot be ferried from point A to B?!

Or is it the refusal of judicial officers to commute to Mayd for duties that is the bone of contention?

As for logistics, is it cheaper to ship dozens of suspects (whether on land, sea or air) or to have a magistrate, a court clerk and a couple of security aides to travel in one car to dispense justice?

Whatever the case, when the situation has been overridden by events such that a whole state minister wonders aloud in public media that has its tentacles reaching the whole world emitting a shameful situation, there may be more than meets the eyes.

Moreover, there is still the question of other released Yemeni convicts who are unable to make it back to where their vessels are.

In connection to the same issue, reports were abounding on security personnel being at logger-heads.

The government should swiftly delve into the issue and address it.

On the other hand, fines imposed on foreigners whose infringements upon SL rights far outweigh the meager penalties, should be reviewed.

Befitting punishments such as the impoundment of their implements and boats should be introduced.

Given the piracy issue and the rich countries plunder of our resources, we ought to know better what the impunity culture means.

Meanwhile, we reiterate the need for the media fraternity to adhere to etiquettes.

Hon. Samaale’s decry of malice by press is just too common libelous items.

Perhaps stage should be set for seeking verifications through the legal channels.

This culture of sweeping statements whose vehemence is a potential bed to nurture volatile situations should be rouged out completely..

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of the Horn Tribune a weekly English language newspaper published in Hargeisa by the government owned Dawan Media Group