Somaliland: Is the Country only in Parts that are Hargeisa?


Rural citizens, president Silanyo welcoming committee

Shame on you the some purportedly prominent personalities for absurd and unfound accusations against the president of neglecting duties and Kudos to President Silanyo for not only visiting your constituents outside of Hargeisa region but for initiating much needed development projects as well as interacting with your Non-Hargeisawi constituents and Spending Nights in their Regional Towns.


Somalilandsun – While the Somaliland president and his deputy are engaged in their mandated national duties some individuals among them very prominent ones are accusing them of neglecting the country.

H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is now in his fourth day of nation building currently spending the night with his Odweine region constituents in Odweine town where he arrived after initiating various development projects in Baligubadle and Salahley districts of Hawd Region.

Prior to this the head of state and a strong entourage performed similar duties in Sahil Region and Toghdeer region of note being the foundation stone laying for construction of the much awaited road linking Burao with Erigavo thence the entire country.

 President Silanyo in under the tree consultations with Miyiga based citizens

Meanwhile the Vice president Hon Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Sayli’ is on duties abroad more specifgically in the United Arab Emirates where he has within a short time met with diverse officials among them government representatives from Niger and Liberia the outcome being enhanced bilateral relations that will see diplomatic missions exchanged and students pursuing higher education abroad courtesy of full scholarships.

L-R Mr Al-Ishaaqi, VP Sayli Speaker Chaibou and Ambassador after meetingb in Dubai where Niger opened its diplomatic doors to Somaliland

While each and every individual has a right to free speech absurd remarks that accuse the president and deputy of absconding the country for the mere reason of having embarked on nation building activities out of the capital city Hargeisa simultaneously are not only absurd but ill conceived as well.

For many years residents from other areas of Somaliland outside Hargeisa have complained of neglect with prodding from the same purportedly prominent personalities that are now crying WOLF because the administration is focused on disbursing the national cake outside of Hargeisa.

For those who dream that Hargeisa is Somaliland we take this opportunity to inform that the last time we checked Somaliland is made up of Sanaag , Sool, Toghdeer, Sahil, Marooji-jeeh, Gabile and Awdal regions respectively.

At the same time the last time we checked president Silanyo had not only the right but the mandate to visit for pleasure or national cake distribution duties the capital cities of the said regions namely Erigavo, Las anod, Burao, Berbera, Hargeisa, Gabile and Borame respectively.

President Silanyo lays the foundation stone of 375 kms Burao Erigavo road

Imagine prominent personalities accusing the administration of not serving the entire nation then accusing the Head of state of absconding the country as he visits areas outside of Hargeisa?

While we say shame on you the prominent personalities for absurd and unfound accusations of neglecting duties against the president we say Kudos to President Silanyo for not only visiting your constituents outside of Hargeisa region but for initiating much needed development projects as well as Spending Nights in their Regional Towns.

first lady interacts with rural women

Of the absurdity of the lamentations by the “as rumor has it” prominent personalities was the one accusing the president and his delegation of spending a night at a hotel in a regional capital, for us rural somalilanders we only wish he finds time to spend in an original Aqal.

On site inspection by President Silanyo

If this is the mentality then your (purported prominent personalities) castigation of president Silanyo and his administration are suspect or are they gimmicks of soliciting some in the wallet “Keep Quite” or post-Shame on you especially for misconstruing that Hargeisa is Somaliland and vice versa.

Somaliland is not only parts that are Hargeisa

Map of somaliland