Somaliland: Demands, Debates and Scuffles of Honourable Parliamentarians


MP Kijande (L) gets an Iron Mike Jab from MP Bubaa

• MPs Demand Probe into Genel Withdrawal and Egal Airport Fiascoes

• Hotly debate RDA draft submitted by presidency ministry and then

• Boxing Scuffles that make Mike Tyson look like a toy

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Parliament’s House of Representatives has been asked to institute a probe into a number of national issues especially as pertains to the recent operational withdrawal of Genel Energy and Ethiopian airlines respectively.

Calling for the probe were MPs Bashir Hussein Tuka’ale, Abdirahman Hoog and Mohamed Bulgaas who said the silence emanating from the administration as pertains to the sudden exit of the two international companies was cause for concern.

The Anglo-Turkish firm of Genel has temporarily ceased oil exploration activities and withdrawn its expatriate staff from the country citing insecurity while the suspension of flights by Ethiopian Airlines is yet to be explained.

While the MPs were calling for the probe their honourable colleagues in the house were engaged in hotly contested debates that finally ensued with armed combat between MPs Bubaa and Kijande who are both honourable members representing Hargeisa constituents though from different parties namely Wadani and Kulmiye respectively.

Undetered by boxing colleagues lone woman MP Hon Baar Saeed engrosses in workWhile it is not yet clear why the two honourables decided to settle their differences Dishonourably the house of representatives which is Somaliland’s lower chamber of parliament was debating the bill on Roads development submitted by the presidency ministry recently.

Though most members concurred on the importance of the bill and the country’s road netweork development, the introduction of a new road tax proposed in the bill and the continued oversight of the RDA by the presidency ministry saw a wide house divide.

Restraining an Incensed  and youtful MP Bubaa determined to rejab and rebox Kiujande his older colleagueThough the house debate on the Roads development authority bill is a far cry from their usual rubber stamp format of approval the introduction of boxing is another introduction citizens have not been acquiesced with but the glimpses aired by a number of TV channels received applause from citizens who seem to be happy that the hitherto drab parliament has become a house of fun.

Differing expressions from MPs during the scuffle in the Somaliland house of parliament

Considering how the MPs boxing scuffle has received attention from the public thus the main topic of discussions everywhere maybe it is time for the house to legalize them most appropriately on a weekly basis.

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