Somaliland: Police Confisticate Expired Foods Meant for Awdal Residents


The Suspected expired goods are later on released in mysterious circumstances to their owners

Truck captured laden with expired foods

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – Local authorities have intervened to eliminate the profusion of expired foodstuffs and other consumer products in Borame town

The police in Borame town confisticated a truck laden with bags of rice suspected to be expired and meant for the local market.

According to the Borame local council chief mayor Mohamed Farah ‘Dereiste’ the municipality is flooded with expired foodstuffs that include rice and cooking oil as well various types of body oils and creams.

“The municipality that arrested the truck handed it over to police” said Mayor Dereiste

Meanwhile the owners of the truck and goods that have been returned to them have castigated the authorities and local media for jumping to conclusions without ascertaining facts.

While the goods have been released to their owners and subsequently offloaded i8nto the market it remains to be explained what tools the police used to assess the conductivity of the foodstuffs thence circumstances surrounding the goods release are suspect.

On the other hand where was and is the Somaliland quality control body, on Vacation most likely.

Watch goods owners castigating authorities