Somaliland: Irro Accuses Ruling Kulmiye Party of Meddling with Parliamentary Affairs



Somalilandsun – Opposition chairman for national party (Wadani) Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Abdullah (Irro) who is also the speaker of the national assembly speaking from Oslo the Norwegian capital said that his earlier stance to reshuffle parliamentary select committee stands.

Hon Abdirahman went on to say that the reshuffle was long overdue, because most of the committees had over stayed their usefulness. In addition the law stipulates clearly that the committees should be re-shuffled annually and had no legal basis to exist on ‘permanently’.

The Speaker claimed that his two deputies overturned his earlier decision as null and void. He accused the first and second vice-chairmen Hon. Bashe Mohammed Fahar and Hon Ali Yusuf Ahmed of being manipulated from other quarters and had no legal powers to cancel his move.

The Wadani boss said that after long soul searching and consultation with the President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) they agreed in consensus to re-shuffle the committees.

Hon Abdirahman stated that the national registration of persons is to be held as soon as possible in readiness for the parliamentary and presidential election of which the state had reiterated that it would be held as scheduled 2015. He accused the ruling party for campaigning for the presidential election before the date of the campaigns. He also warned the ruling party against dividing the country in tribal clannish lines and told them that the Somaliland citizen are tired of their motives and need development projects to uplift their standards of living.