Somaliland: IHSAN Your One Shop NGO Auditing and Consulting Firm


Somalilandsun- IACF is a training, consultancy and auditing firm, which has over the
past 15 years, provided many highly successful  training, proposal writing and business consultancy services to various sectors in Somaliland.

IACF stands for “IHSAN Auditing and Consulting Firm” was officially established by 2005 in Somaliland, by a professional Somaliland scholar Mr. Abdirizak Sh. Ali , the founder/Managing director, along with a group of professional experts in the areas of institutional development, business consultancy, financial auditing/assurance and proposal writing and research tasks.

The firm host and employs a pool of professionally expert and highly competent members, specialized in different sectors in public, private & humanitarian agencies, who has consistently worked with local and international organizations in the areas of organizational development, business development consultancy and coaching and, auditing, proposal writing and grant concept paper writing, and training and development activities in a diversity of institutional setting and environments.

Read full IACF Dossier below

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