Somaliland:Telesom CEO Wins Africa’s Top Technology Companies Leadership Award


Somalilandsun:Telecommunication’s firm Telesom chief executive officer Mr.Abdikarim Mohammed Eid has scooped the top prize in a technology bonanza held in Cape
Town, South Africa. In a conference in which participants from around the globe converged to attend AfricaCom meeting in Cape Town where by thousands of telecommunications companies representatives were present.

The Telesom boss Mr.Abdikarim was voted the best CXO of the year by the
AfricaCom panel. Telesom company is one of the most sophisticated
telecommunication’s company in the Horn of Africa region with high end
technological advancement. Their ZAAD services a mobile money transfer
scheme is the only in the Greater Horn of Africa region.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir

A freelance Journalist based in Hargeisa