Somaliland: Immigration Department Partakes in Borame Held Regional Security Conference


By: Libaan Haji Rabi

Borama-(Somalilandsun) – Somaliland immigration officers led by their principal Mohamed Yusuf (Mohamed-Cambaro) participated in security conference held in Borame.

.General Immigration Officer Mohamed Yusuf said ” the conference geared towards enhancing security in Awdal, Maroodijeeh and Salel region is useful for whole immigration officers who participated, at the same time he highlighted that the security conference is very important for the peace, also this conference was participated by the elders, who came from the three regions of Awdal, Maroodijeeh and Salel and chairmen were presented.

The two days conference in Borama which was chaired by the Somaliland Interior Minister supported by various colleagues was attended a large number of traditional and community leaders from the three western regions of the country kin addition to regional governors of the trio provinces.