Somaliland: Uninvited Outsiders Should Keep off Our Internal Affairs



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Somalilandsun – It is true a fact that SL reached where it is today without tangible IC support.However, the most important issue herein to be understood quite well is that SL reached her own peaceful stability without ANY IC support, be it remotely even moral one.

Through its own peace-meal system, it was able to slowly but surely- with and through much ado and duress- managed to pacify area from area and area to area.

Whatever time it took, SL managed to re-install and re-instill social economical and orderly social political structures.

Now, we have all our national institutions back in place and the social fabrics have been molded from the tatters and ruins it was condemned and put into.

The irony of the matter has its gist on two main factors.

For one, the world or so called international community was mum and with ice-cold eyes and steel nerves watched and witnessed silently as SL was put and sunk into abyss.

The second thing is that the same international community was completely absent when elders gathered in Borama for four solid months to map a way charting out a newfound breather whose impetus was a new page of a new chapter of a new life.

It could be argued that Ethiopia was the only odd one out hence came to our aid by harbouring us.

To find people, institutions or whatever morphology entities take hence with much worse steel-nerves

or cold-blooded eyes dictate upon us on and as to how to conduct our own international affairs, or far much worse, support insurgencies anew to destabilize us is not only hypocrisy but something far much worse.

We could only term it as inhumanity if such entities do not have other ill-intentions or ill-motives driving them unexplained. .

What we underpin hence cry out loudly in this column is that when it comes to SL’s integrity, sovereignty, objectives and aspirations, we are not going to stomach uncalled for gores that are tailored to undermine us.

It is a strong NO to any entity who interferes with our internal affairs.

Our strong no is in fact a stern warning that we are at a standby and at the ready to defend our government, people, statehood and nation at all times.

We on the same note and at the same time support conciliatory efforts that bear fruits as far as national cohesion, tranquility, harmony, peace and stability are concerned at all levels be it from grass-roots to national level.

We support what the Presidency minister has just done hence we also see the same positive trend the Interior one is doing at Borama.

Let Somaliland unite for their progress freely and pep up vigilance.