Somaliland: “Peaceful Co-existence and Home Grown Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation are Our National Trademark” Hirsi


1Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail (2nd R) Flanked by Somaliland Presidency minister Hirsi H Ali (R) among others upon arrival at Egal Airport Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGISA (Somalilandsun) “Peace and Development are the symbols of Somaliland which is never hasty for war while any who attacks usually ends the loser”

This advice and caution was given and issued to the Garowe based regional administration of Puntland at Egal airport in Hargeisa by presidency minster Hirsi Haji Ali during a ceremony to welcome Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail on Friday 18th April.

In reference to the large welcome committee composed of citizens from all walks of lives who had brave severe heat to witness the return of the prodigal Traditional leader back to his fatherland , Minister Hirsi said the warm hearted reception given the

Garaad Jama delegation was a poignant message to all and sundry on the importance and value Somalilanders accord Security and national cohesion that facilitates peaceful co-existence without regard to clan, gender or station in life countrywide.

Formerly an avowed unionist Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail is a prominent traditional leader from Sool region after a number of years absence in which he lived in Mogadishu Somalia where he also acted as the and chief backer of the Khatumo secession movement in the east of Somaliland.

accompanied by presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali and his social services colleague Abdirizaq Khalif, the Garaad of Sool region Garaad’s linked up with his spouse who together with a number of senior officials of the Khatumo Secession movement among them finance minister designate a mister Osman had been flown by charter all the way from Mogadishu to witness the rare and historic return to Somaliland.

Traditional leaders from all regions of Somaliland were also at hand to elcome their long lost  colleague Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail

“While Am very pleased to be home and sincerely appreciate your warm hearted welcome “stated Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail while addressing the large welcoming committee of thousands Somalilanders among them ordinary citizens, government ministers and officials, parliamentarians and Gurti elders as well as politicians at the Egal International.

Distancing himself from ongoing warmongering from Garowe the seat of the Somali regional administration of Puntland Garaad Jama the eminent Sool region traditional leader said “Any Differences between citizens or neighbours can and should be reconciled peacefully through discussions and not the barrel of the gun” thus effectively also affixing his signature to the death certificate of the never to have been attained dream of a Khatumo state.

While enticing the Garaad to recant adherence to unionism and escorting him for the historic return home is so far the greatest scoop by the presidency minister, the Garaad’s address to Somalilanders surrounded by the Somaliland flag and in Hargeisa was the final straw to the expansionist tendencies of Puntland towards some areas in the east of somaliland whose inhabitants are predominantly from the Darood/Harti clans.

Somaliland Presidency Minister Hirsi H Ali cautions Puntland at Egal airport as Garaad Jama in Keffiya flanks him

Stressing on the un-tenability of Puntland annexing any parts of Somaliland by whichever means known to man, Minister Hirsi Haji Ali revisited historical facts to the warmongering Somalia regional administration saying, “Let those dreaming in Garowe remember that everybody is aware of where our respective boundaries are and have been for centuries as you make claims based on clan affiliation while lying to ourselves on non-existent might”

As he revealed that despite being a peace-loving people Somalilanders who are intent on improving their livelihoods should not be confused with cowards the Somaliland president Minister cautioned the Garowe administration saying, ” Peace and Development are the symbols of Somaliland which is never hasty for war while any who attacks usually ends the loser”

Since President Abdiweli Gas became Puntland president a few months back, tensions between it and the republic of Somaliland have escalated as a result of persistent threats to annex parts of Somaliland by use of force.

Despite warnings by government and political figures in Hargeisa the Gas machinations ended in having the somaliland national army establish bases thus assume positions within striking distance of both the capital Garowe and port of Bosaso not to mention the forceful removal of Khatumo sympathizers from Taleeh district last week.

Somalilanders who have given their government the green lights to use any means and do away once for all with the headache in the east of the country are now hopeful that the return to the fold by Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail is an avenue of extinguishing the Puntland fire without bloodshed.