Somaliland: Hirsi lashes out at Distracters; Says Allegations on Fund is Malicious


UK EU Rep flanked by minister Hirsi briefs on donor expectations  for Somaliland road sector

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)-The Minister of the Presidency Hon. Hirsi Ali Hassan has lashed out to the claims of rampant misappropriation of the public roads fund meant for the Erigavo one (or others) hence dismissed them as provocations of petty politicking being peddled by distracters with ill motives meant to plant seeds of discord.

The minister gave the sentiments at the roadside along the Hargeisa – Berbera highway during an inspection tour while accompanied by the UK-EU advisory consultant and top SRA and roads department officials.

Hon. Hirsi who was visibly contented yet slightly irked said that he was satisfied with the extent of works going on as regards the swiftness and technicality concerned, a fact that was positively echoed by the EU official.

He revealed that in a week’s time the committee charged with the Erigavo road task would avail details that will exonerate them from the malicious allegations. He at the same time announced that the roadworks would continually be extended to Sheikh, Burao and eventually up to Las Anod.

“So far what has been achieved is quite tremendous despite the same malicious claims hitherto held that we could not see the projects through”, fumed the minister at his distracters.

“In the same manner with the same determination we are committed to see the Erigavo road built with competence!”, pledged the minister.

Over the week oppositionists repeatedly alleged that the minister was personally at the heart of factional power struggles within the legislature hence further claimed that he used the Erigavo road funds to fuel the duels.

He said that not a single penny of the fund has been used. “To withdraw any amount, three signatures of the committee are a prerequisite”, he stated.

Hon. Hirsi also revealed that the technical machineries needed and meant for the Burao – Erigavo road was expected to arrive in the country during the course of next week.


He explained that money to the tune of 6m USD in three installments of 2m from the EU would be used in road projects, amongst them that of Kalabayd.

The EU advisor Mr. Robinson said that the UK – EU was funding the projacts but clarified that the first grant precisely from the UK will be available in March. He said that he was impressed that the country had contractors with the technical and competence witnessed.

He noted that it was indeed quite encouraging to see that a lot of resources were being injected into the road sector at what he termed as ‘a new era’.

Present were the works technical attaché Eng. Mohamed Abdi, SRA CEO, the SRS and SDA reps amongst others. So far the works has reached as far as Hamas. Much of the projects are as a result of a joint venture between the government, the communities and those in the Diaspora.