Somaliland: Elders not Welcomed in the Presidency


by: Moody Bodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -Delegations of elders of all sub-clans of Isaaq clan intentions to meet with the President were put to an end when they were denied to meet with Chief of state.

The Chief s and Sub-Chiefs with the respected entourage wanted to see the President with a sole agenda concerning the volcano that erupted in the National Assembly and so also to advise him that the nation is in the verge of distortion.

Likewise elders from the President himself sub-clan tried to see him twice but shared the same fate of deep disappointment.

It is claimed that more often Silanyo is angered when Minister Hirsi and the First Lady are publicly alleged of miss-conduct, triviality, abuse of office and even corruption. Therefore the First Lady is always aware of the elder s motives and shuts the presidency compound off.

This has also proved difficulties to know the President state of health.