Somaliland: 2nd Phase of Hargeisa Road maintenance


wadooyinkaby: A.A.J

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) For the last three years Somaliland has done much development. Hargeisa municipal council has started the second face of Hargeisa central road maintains the mayor of Hargeisa municipal council Abdirahman Soltelco said that we have started the second face and we will maintain up to Haleya to the Burta Kalajexan (the split mountain).

Many roads in Hargeisa city was maintained since the elections of this new councilors few months ago. Hargeisa municipal council mayor Abdirahman Mohamed Idid Soltelco has done much effort for road maintained in Hargeisa city.

On the other side the mayor of Gabiley Mr. Shuab Mohamed Musa told the media that the municipal council have started to maintain the road in Kalabayd he said we will put much efforts to maintain all roads in Gabiley.