Somaliland: Heavy Rains Pound Lasanod


The Rains have flooded streets in las anod town 1

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – Heavy downpours are currently engulfing the entire Lasanod district in Sool region of Somaliland.
The rainfall was the second in the town in three days according to an elated Mohammed Diriye Diidaa, a Hargeisa resident who has been in Lasanod for the past month, who talked to the THT through the telephone.
Indeed the rainfall was a big respite for the residents of the area since the trap marks of drought is still quite vivid.
Our sister journal Dawan yesterday reported similar rains falling in the area and Buhoodle region.
The rains were said to be equally quite heavy.
The biggest problem however is that Somalilanders often wail when droughts strike but when rain falls, the water are seldom trapped, managed or collected in major reservoirs!
They just tend to flow in seasonal rivers and spewed to the sea coasts.

The Rains have flooded streets in las anod town

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