Somaliland Land Adjudicating System Review Overdue-CJ


Somaliland Chief Aden Haji Ali was in the fast growing Burao town where land demand is high

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – The Chief Justice has said that majority of complex cases that they addresses in the country’s courts are land cases.
CJ Adan Haji Ali lamented that the land adjudicating system in the country does not manage its docket aptly hence people tend to claim untold number of hectares of land.
“The largest outcries centres on land cases”, he said, and lamented, “The crux of the matter is that the owner of the land (read-the state) has lost its control hence the members of the public fight over it, each claiming untold number of acreages”.
In reports monitored from the HCTV by DMG, the chief justice further said, “In the whole of the country the land cases are abound and those who lose the cases continue crying foul”.
He said that the management of Justice is totally different from other duties and that complaints never cease.
Both urban and rural dwellers in Somaliland are experiencing land related issuesHe said that despite the land cases in Hargeisa decreasing, those in Burao was on the rise due to rapid urbanization,
The Chief Justice was in Burao over the week on official duties.