Somaliland: Skirmishes addressed as Dogoble residents are reimbursed


Water sources like this in El Afweine town have been the bane of contention

y: M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun -The state has reimbursed 85 families whose shelters were destroyed at Dogoble area of El-Afwein where recent ill-fated skirmishes saw several deaths.
The reimbursement was in form of cash in par with agreements reached by the government as part of conciliatory moves to address the skirmishes between the two clans who battled in the area recently.
Shelters and associated building structures were destroyed in Dogoble, Dararweine and Ba’aha areas of El-Afwein district in Sanaag region.
Led by State minister in charge of public security Hon. Mohammed Musa Dirie, a delegation comprising of deputy defense minister, state minister for livestock and military commanders and area elders were executing the articles in the agreements, amongst them the reimbursements.
“We are here paying reimbursements to the families whose shelters were destroyed here in Dogoble as per the agreements,“ said Hon. Diriye.
elders and state officials reconcile El Afweine clansThe minister hailed the resident for seeing to it that the first part of the agreement is being executed.
“We leave here today knowing that we have an agreement in place that has got to be adhered to”, said Hon. Diriye.
Hon. Abdirashid of livestock ministry echoed the same words. “We are here to see the reimbursements being made”, he said.