Somaliland: “Have Faith in Your Country” Officials Urge Youths


Some of the deported youths at the Wajale Immigration office

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

WAJALE (Somalilandsun) – officials in Wajale town have urged youths to have faith in their country Somaliland.

The urgings were made at Wajale the Somaliland town that borders Ethiopia by the Wajale Mayor and resident deputy immigration officer after 75 to have been illegal immigrants were handed over by Ethiopian government authorities.

According to the Wajale deputy immigration officer Ahmed Nuur Aqli the state has taken over 75 youths both male and female handed over by Ethiopian authorities following their capturer in the neighbouring country.

Informing that the returnees currently under registration shall be handed over to their parents or guardians nationwide the immigration officer said “I urge parents in Somaliland to take care of the youth at home as opposed to financing their illegal immigration”

While taking over the batch of 75 youthful Somalilanders arrested in various towns of Ethiopia while in pursuit of illegal immigration-Tahrib to Europe , the Wajale Mayor Eng. Ali Shine said that despite difficulties encountered in the country just like anywhere else staying at home was better than facing the tribulations of illegal immigration.

Wajale deputy immigration officer Ahmed Nuur Aqli and Wajale Mayor Eng. Ali ShineA number of the deported youths who spoke of their tribulations said that the lice, hunger and slavery infested life outside Somaliland is not worth all the gold in Europe.

This is the second batch to be deported by Ethiopia in less than a month following a similar act of 15 August 2015 in which 50 supposed economic migrants (eco-migrants) have been deported back to Somaliland from the neighbouring country.

Watch the function in Wajale

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