Somaliland: Turkey Fails to Live up to Its Pledges, Health Minister


Somaliland officials in discussions with Turkey envoy Amb Yuksel at the Turkish Consulate in Hargeisa/file

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun – The Turkish government has either rescinded on their pledge of rebuilding Hargeisa Hospital or has kept mum on it altogether failed to live up to the expectations of their own pledges.

The ambiguous revelation was given by the Health Minister Hon Suleiman Isse Ahmed alias Hagletosiye at a function whereby local medical drugs entrepreneurs donated to the cause.

While responding to a question from a Dawan reporter, Hon. Hagletosiye made it clear that the Turkish government have totally failed to keep up to their promise made almost two years ago.

Courtesy of further press probe he revealed that SL has been always keeping tabs with the Turks through the foreign department for the whole two years but have failed to get a concrete response.

“We have resorted to rebuild and rehabilitate the hospital ourselves”, said the minister at the function in which Dalsan and Shafi’i donated funds to the cause of rebuilding the hospital.

“We ought to rehabilitate and modernize our casualty department”, said Hon. Hagletosia.

He reminded the audience in attendance that the hospital which was originally built by the British Colonial government back in “1953 was meant to cater for the then 50000 population residing in the area” whereas the same hospital serves a million-plus population today!

He said that the Turkish Ambassador to this area visited the country in December 2013 hence made the pledge.

Frankly, the same diplomatic office also pledged to rebuild, reconstruct and restore the over 14 centuries old Zeila Mosque and construct the area roads.

To this date nothing has either been seen or heard concerning their pledges that may as well have been mere empty promises.