Somaliland: Hargeisa City Council Starts Crackdown on Tax Evaders



By: Omar Mohamed Farax

Somalilandsun- Somaliland- Hargeisa Somaliland’s capital Mayor Abdirahman Mohamud Aidid ,  have confirmed  that the local government   will commence detaining of those  who do not pay  the taxes of their property  accurately.

In press conference held in his office on Saturday the mayor of the city had said that less than 30% of their intended tax generation  obtained, he blamed the citizens’ of the city over the delaying  the taxes payment.“We are asserting to the citizens that our  annual fiscal year budget   we  allocated 2016 less than around  30-32% are only obtained and we cannot accept that. We are in  October  it has been predicted to gain at least 72 percent, “the mayor said.

He added  that they should detain and fine   those conducted  un payment of the annual tax  in  the local government. “If the taxes are not paid how the developmental projects  the city  can be  proceeded?.” the Hargeisa mayor blamed to community added as saying “They will be summoned and will pay additional fines if they should Sacrifice  the taxes before the next year 2017.”

He called on to city’s dwellers of making laws to their land he likewise urged to business people to give swiftly the taxes of licenses  as well as all local taxes.

Mr. Abdirahman Mohamoud  vowed by repairing the streets of the city kicking off  a  various developmental projects. He appealed that the citizens of the city should contribute the budget of modernizing the main streets of the capital.

Mayor SoltelcoHargeisa councilors were elected in November  2012 and usually accused  in effective and inefficiency when it comes to serving the people who were elected. But they denied the allegations stating that are committed to respond the interest and priorities of the city dwellers.  They said there are many challenges hinders their effort such as  rejecting from the tax payers.