Somaliland: Turkish Government Pledges Enhanced Cooperation


Turkey delivers food aid to Somaliland

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

(Somalilandsun- Turkish government has pledged it will Consolidate their support and collaboration with Somaliland government and redouble their crucial projects in Somaliland.

The Turkish consular based in Hargeisa Mr. Musaffer Yuksel , said  In speaking  a ceremony he  handed over to Somaliland government 5000 tons of assorted  food consignments from his country as donation  on the Wednesday  in  port town of Berbera.

The consular  expressed Turkish commitment to upgrading the bilateral ties with Somaliland. “We should continue the cooperation between Somaliland and Turkish government. Not humanitarian aid but  a various sectors including development activities, economic as well as investment, “said the diplomat and added “These are our readiness and responsibility.”

The consular expounded this donation is to response of  Somaliland president’s call over the severe drought that resulted the death of human and displacements  thousands of families. The food consignment comprised  sugar  and flour intended to families effected an acute drought swept western regions in the country earlier in this year.  

Turkish envoy to Somaliland Amb YukselOn the other hand Somaliland’s deputy minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, Ahmed Aden Ismail, said they are warmly receiving the donation from Turkish government which he acknowledged to their support to Somaliland

“We are thanking to our Turkish brothers their generous response from the Somaliland’s head of state call over the drought. They also provided months ago  other 5000 tons of assorted food, “said the deputy minister of foreign affairs.

Minister of trade and international investment of Somaliland Mr. Omar Shucayb, said  after acknowledgement remarks  has vowed that they should distribute those families whom were intended.