Somaliland: Government Purchases 7690 barrels of Bitumen for the Burao-Erigavo road

Burao erigavo road gets Bitumen

Somalilandsun:  The Ministry of Roads and Transport has received 7690 barrels of Tar or the completion of the 60 Km of works remaining along the Burao-Erigavo road.

While receiving the Tar Eng Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed who is the Somaliland Road Agency head noted that the Erigavo-Burao roads is about completed and has just about 60 KM of the road which is still un-tarmacked.

He said that the remainder will be used the construction of the Burao-Hargeisa road.

The same sentiments were expressed b the governor of the central bank Ali Ibrahim Baqhdadi, he too said that the remainder of the tar once the Erigavo road is completed will be used in the construction of the Burao-Hrageisa road, echoing the words of the SRA Boss.

The government bought the facility from Omar Company ho handed the item at their Berbera depot.