Somaliland: Government of Somalia Negates PM Khaire Hargeisa Visit, upholds Dahabshiil integrity


Our PM was Never in Hargeisa, as per claims made by the Indian Ocean Newsletter , thence issue of fears raised to three foreign diplomats as pertains some major somali owned business concerns was never raised Says the Somalia Government in a Presser

PM Ahmed Khaire was Never in Hargeisa thence fears over three Somali owned companies of Hormud Dahabshil and Salam bank were never discussed Says the Somalia Government

Somalilandsun- The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) denies claims made in the Indian Ocean Newsletter issue 1455 (dated 21 July 2017) and published by
The article, which is entitled “Struggling government sparks concern in West” is false in its assertions pertaining to the supposed statements made by the Somali Prime Minister in a meeting with three diplomats in Hargeisa where the integrity of key Somali businessmen and companies namely; Ahmed Yusuf of Hormuud Telcom Somalia, Abdirashid Ducale of Dahabshiil, and Mohamed Yusuf Ahmed of Salama Bank was discussed.
The FGS states that no such meeting to discuss the integrity and conduct of the above mentioned individuals and businesses took place. The FGS is concerned that the ill motivated article is aimed at undermining the valuable relationship between the business community and the government.
The FGS affirms that members of the Somali Businesses community have been supportive of the government’s effort to stabilize the country and continue to play a critical role in the development agenda.
The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to advance the cause of peace and prosperity in the country and to this end counts on responsible media. The FGS recognizes and is committed to protect the right to freedom of expression but at the same time cautions against publishing false and deliberately misleading information.
Press statement released by Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism
Editors Addendum
In the article titled “Struggling government sparks concern in West” negated by this Somalia ministry of information Press statement the Indian Ocean newsletter claimed that In a meeting in early July with officials from Britain, Norway and the European Union in Hargeisa, Khaire admitted he found it highly complicated to fight against corruption and improve the country’s tax receipts while pointing an accusing finger at He pointed the finger at certain local businessmen who included Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf, boss of the Hormuudtelecommunications concern; Mohamed Yusuf Ahmed Alore, chief of Salaam African Bank, and Abdirashid Duale, manager of Dahabshiil.
As for the article seems a bit suspicious not only due to the impossibility of a Somalia governent official not only visiting Somaliland and holding meetings with foreign diplomats allegedly from the U.K.,Norway and EU which would have been easier in Mogadishu where most diplomatic missions to Somalia are based but more to the fact that as opposed to paid articles access Indian Ocean Newsletter norms, Struggling government sparks concern in West” was entirely free from the onset!!