Somaliland: “Desist from Clan Based Vote Solicitation” FM Urges Political Parties


As Dr Saad A Shire the Somaliland Foreign minister also informs that less unseen circumstances presidential elections shall take place as slated

The foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Ahire urges Somaliland political parties to shy away from tribalism

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – Political office at all levels be it local council, Parliamentary or presidency is pursued with an agenda for change towards the better of relevant constituency.
This was stated by the Somaliland foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire during an interview with Geeska Afrika newspaper in Hargeisa.
While terming tribalism as a virus detrimental to any meaningful development of a nation the FM urged Somaliland political parties to desist from institutionalizing clan democracy thence solicit votes based on agendas.
Dr Saad Ali Shire who queried prevalent campaign procedures being effected by parties in the run-up to presidential elections said “Quest for the presidency means that whoever is elected shall serve the whole country, thus imperative to desist from clan based support to a national one”
The foreign minister further urged the three national political parties of Ruling Kulmiye, opposition UCID and Wadani to adhere to the Somaliland election laws as well as other MOUs pertaining to electioneering entered upon with the national elections commissions thence a truly democratic process.

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On the international community’s perception of the administration’s commitment to a presidential ballot as slated in lieu of past acrimonious occasioned by postponements Dr Saad Ali Shire said
“Unless the unforeseen, Allah forbid, occurs All arrangements are apt as for balloting on 13th. November this year and the administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is not only committed to this date but determined to see it through as well”

Dr Saad Ali says Political parties and their chiefs Muse Behi Kulmiye Abdirahman Irro Wadani and Feisal Ali UCID must adhere to Somaliland election laws and MOUs with NECStressing on the fact that the conduct of a timely presidential vote is of major interest both internally and the externally as well Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr Daad Ali Shire said it might lead to attainment of the quest for international recognition

Following regular postponement of the elections and subsequent term extension of not only the executive but legislature as well the international community especially those partnering the Somaliland democratization process never failed to publicly reveal their anger at what they termed as the desolation in which the apt democratization has been placed by the administration, not to mention veiled threats of funding withdrawal

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