Somaliland: Government & Ruling Party Strongly Condemn Botched Attempt to Assasinate Party Leader


Bihi and Waranade

By: Mohamud H. Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland government and ruling party Kulmiye have strongly condemned an attempted assisination by 3 gunmen on party’s First Deputy Chairman Mohamed Kahin Ahmed on Saturday morning in Hargeisa.

Somaliland Interior Minister Mr. Ali Mohamed Waran-Ade and the Chairman of ruling party Kulmiye Mr. Mouse Bihi Abdi, in their press release on yesterday stated that both government and the ruling party will put together strong reaction against perpetuators who are on the run and not yet in the hands of the security forces who attempt to kill ruling party’s first deputy chairman Mohamed Kahin Ahmed.

Somaliland Interior Minister told the media that such incidents are something new to the country and that strong reactions against such measures will be without delay taken, in order to prevent such trails not happen again.

“Country’s security forces are ordered to capture those who were involved in this incident which is extremely against the security of the nation.”

“Attempted assassination on Mohamed Kahin and MP Mohamed Farah Qabile is cawordly and new to our country. We will not allow such acts to happen again,” Said Interior Minister Waran-Ade.

Somaliland polices forces have been patrolling in the streets of Hargeisa city during the past 24 hours and people feel that security of capital city is tightened in a great deal whereas, police commander Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal stated that strengthening and tightening of the security are their normal day to day activities.

“Mohamed Kahin is a national hero and a national emblem as well. We will use iron fist against those who tried to assassinate Party’s deputy chairman, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed who was one of the first leaders of SNM’s veteran warriors, who has gone to (Qaxo) in 1982. It’s unfortunate that those who tried to assassinate late Abdilahi Askar, wel – known SNM fighter, have also taday tried the same assassination on another SNM fighter Mohamed Kahin. It is unacceptable and Kulmiye will take the strongest reaction against those perpetuators.” Said Kulmiye Chairman Mouse Bihi Abdi,

Mr. Bihi, in his press conference, told in great depth and intensely the historic biography of Mohamed Kahin Ahmed who escaped the failed assassination attempt by the 3 gunmen.

in mid November, Mohamed Farah Qabile, member of Somaliland House of Representatives, and a prominent opposition figure have escaped the same attempted assassination where he accused members of government ministers including Information minister to be the master-minders and funders of the failed assassination on him.

Ministers later dismissed the allegations and told that they will sue the MP on incrimination.