Somaliland: Tolerance and Respect-More on Cyber-bullying



By: Mahmud Liban

Somalilandsun – Dear Yusuf, Last week I got negative views from readers about my comments and I found one comment really interesting from a person named Eid Lander: You are a bully, they are speaking.

MR, Eid you are wrong, I am not a bully and they bully and coward is you. There are a few problems on this website, just because you are behind computer doesn’t give you the right to insult others, and call them names, that is plan wrong, treat human beings they you want to be treated. Most of the people on the comments are not mature enough to realize that and they are full of ignorance and hate, just like Awal who is a bully who said to daud that you are an imposter for expressing you are opinion that is plan wrong.

Awal shame on you and grow up. act like someone your are age. We have to tolerate with each other and be respectful to one another and that’s what Islam tells us to do. Our Religion teaches discipline and respect to one other. Please comment treat people with respect and don’t have an excuse to pick on someone, because of who they are or where they come from or what kind of political opinions they have. You guys have the disagree and you don’t have the right to be mean or rude. Just like all of you were to Daud, and by the way I am not Daud, and I don’t like people being mistreated.

Somaliland Sun this topic is Called Tolerance and respect, please post it up as soon as possible.

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