Somaliland: Global Exchange and Money Transfer Add Luxurious Hotel to Growing Investment Portfolio


Somaliland diaspora launches global hotel combined with money transfer service ‘at premier location in Hargeisa business district of somaliland capital’-Press Release

Somalilandsun – Global Exchange and Money Transfer, The Official Agent of Western Union in Somaliland, is delighted to announce the launch of its new Hotel and Head Quarter for Global Exchange & Money Transfer, at’ DHAGASOOD GLOBAL TOWER, Hargesia City, Somaliland’.

The launch will take place today Monday 5th August 2013 from ” Iftir” Hargesia time with many distinguished guests expect to break their fast at the new ” Global Hotel”, Hargeisa, Somaliland.

‘Global Hotel ‘ is a new generation of compact, city centre hotel with ingenious, contemporary room design and with excellent connectivity to all major Hargeisa Districts within easy of reach and will offer good value for money and appeal to customers who value price, location and One-stop service business environment.

‘Global Hotel’ will be Somaliland’s first Budget hotel with its own resident ” Global Exchange & Money Transfer Services provided by the Official Agent of Western Union ,the Leader in Money Transfer. Major Debt Card holders such MasterCard, Visa and American Express can use “Western Union Online Service” to settle their account or receive money in Minute direct from their Account Overseas or Family via Western Union , 515,000 Branches Outlets in more than two hundred Countries and Territories worldwide.

Global Hotel’s Diaspora customers can book and check in online, with money pre-paid via Global Exchange and Money Transfer with pick up and Transportations arranged in advance with Hotel Managements.

Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan, Managing Director, Global Hotel and Global Exchange and Money Transfer commented, “Global Exchange and Money Transfer has played a leading role in bring Investors to Somaliland ,”Global Brand” in Money Transfer and this Hotel will shaping and compliment the budget hotel market and we believe this ‘One-Stop”‘ service will do the regenerate the city centre hotels in Somaliland and ‘Global Hotel’ will work in tandem with Global Money Transfer, appealing to more price sensitive customers seeking quality accommodation in the heart of Hargesia city. It will enable us to broaden our customer appeal and further strengthen our competitive edge by bring together services in One-stop Shop and build on more services over the months and years to come”.

Mr. Mohamed Ismail Kahin, Country Director, Global Group said, “‘Dhagasood Global Tower ” will reinforce the Global hotel Hargeisa achievement of our Global Exchange & Money Transfer Services and will provide us with another exciting new Service offering one-stop Service – Hotel and Money Transfer” with customer able to access services in Hargesia with easy of reach to all essential services.

Mr. Abdikarim Abdi Adan, Managing Director, Global Hotel and Global Exchange and Money Transfer Said” I wish to take this opportunity to thank Valued Somaliland National and International customers, the Government of Somaliland , the UK Government, our Staff , Investors, Somaliland and British MP’s and also Somaliland/UK Chamber of Commerce for their encouragement and support to invest in our homeland.

We hope by the Steps, we have taken in wining and securing Global Brand ,Somaliland Diaspora will follow our footstep in being a Champion for ” Inward Direct Investment” in Somaliland and we urge the Government of Somaliland to provide more Incentive and support for Investors.

For Further Information visit the group’s official site

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