Somaliland: “No SFG Official has Disembarked in any of our Airports” Ministry of Aviation


By: Yusuf M HasanSFG Minister Guleid

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland administration has denied the alleged Presence in the country of the Somalia Federal Government-SFG Interior Minister.

“No SFG Officials has disembarked in any of our Airports” read a Ministry of Aviation and Air Transport (MoCAAT) statement released by its Chief of Protocol officer Mr Abdilahi Ahmed Arshe

The MoCAAT statement was in negation of media reports that alleged that the SFG interior minister Abdikarim Hussein Guleid was a guest of the Somaliland government which was hosting him at a purported plush residence behind the presidency in Hargeisa.

According to the protocol officer the information was false and of malicious intent because the aviation ministry has no record or has its personnel processed the SFG minister at Berbera Airport where the media reports indicate that he disembarked at from his Juba airways flight said to have originated from Mogadishu.

“Press freedom is a precious commodity that should be utilized properly especially as related to ascertaining the authenticity of any information, it, the media disburses for public consumption” said the protocol officer.

Since 11pm (GMT +3) when the news first hit, Somalilandsun embarked on a vigorous investigation still on-going to unearth the truth but our informed opinion is that the minister’s alleged presence is a pure fabrication.

The reports on the alleged manifestation in Hargeisa of SFG interior minister Abdikarim Hussein Guleid who counterparts the Somaliland minister of Trade and Foreign Investment Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar as chief negotiators of talks between the two countries are also conflicting.

Somalias Interior minister A Gulleid and Somalialnds foreign minister Dr M A Omar sign the Ankara Accords/fileSome allege that Guleid visiting his wife and four children who moved to Hargeisa long time ago after fleeing the violence in the Somalia capital Mogadishu where his offices as SFG cabinet member are headquartered.”

Others contend he is here to finalize arrangements for establishing the Airspace joint control body in Hargeisa as per agreements reached between the two countries (Somalia and Somaliland) during the latest round of internationally sanctioned talks in Istanbul On 7-9 July 2013.

Since Somaliland broke from its voluntary union with Somalia in 1991 government officials from Hargeisa have not met nor visited Mogadishu in an official capacity vis ‘a’ vis those from Somalia until the international community’s sanctioned talks broke the two decades silence but not visits when negotiators met at London’s Chevening Manor house early 2012.