Somaliland: A Dangerous Criminal Appointed WFP Food Aid Coordinator


By: Rahma Sugaal

Somalilandsun – President Siillanyo has appointed Yusuf Osman Garas as the WFP FOOD AID COORDINATOR Febuary 2013.

Mr. Garas previously worked in the administration and finance department of CARITAS (SWISS INTERNATIONAL NGO). During his tenure at CARITAS he has stolen $45000 worth of asset such as a vehicle.His case is still continuing at Hargeisa regional court.

During the time Siillanyo was nominating him as WFP food aid coordinator,CARITAS officials were writing to the office of the vice president to talk with the Attorney general in order to get a prompt and fair hearing as far as this case is concerned.

During his six month stay at the food aid coordination office, WFP has cut off ties with him,after he has asked them a kick back of 30% beneficial interest in every food for work project released by WFP.

On the same footing,he called in a meeting with all the local NGO’S whom their projects has been approved. Previous coordinator together with WFP has approved within three months 120 food for work projects in different regions of Somaliland such as Sanaag,Sool,Buhodle,Togdher,Saahil,Salal,Badhan and Lasqorey.

In the meeting he asked the NG0’S,everyone whom his project has been approved should pay me a facilitation tax of three USD dollars ($300),otherwise I will write a letter of cancellation to WFP ASP.

Bear in mind,those people he is asking this amount,are poor villagers from remote areas of Somaliland. Everyone of the one hundrand and twenty people has told him,you don’t have a right to ask us this money and we don’t have it.

Later, he hired a broker called Muste faarah Qalab,who is a brother in law of Hersi Haji Hassan,the minister of the presidency. He instructed that he bringes to the office an other 120 food for work project and charge every project three hundrand USD dollars (300*120=$36000). This means he has stolen from the public an other $36000.

Where is the president of Somaliland?