Somaliland: Stop Needing Too Much and Be Content with What You Have


By: Mohamed Omer Maigag – Taag

Somalilandsun – If you are an asylum seeker in the UK and you are asked by the UK border agency Immigration Officers “Sir we will like to grant you either Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or Temporary Admission, choose the one you require”? – Which one will you choose? Of course you will choose the Indefinite Leave to Remain because like everyone else you will like to remain in the in order to enjoy all the opportunities you can get.

So dear brothers and sisters, why are we choosing the temporary life of this world over the indefinite life of the hereafter? Are we mad? Yes we are if we are constantly preoccupied with this world. We know that life in this world is temporary, restricted and limited and Allah has granted us temporary admissions to it, but He informed us that for those of us who want to listen the life hereafter is indefinite and much better and that heaven will be the permanent abode of those who work for it by fulfilling their worship. There is so much we can do and we have very limited time to accomplish our dreams, goals and plans. Strange enough we regard life in this world as permanent and life hereafter as temporary because we live in denial of Akhira. We only realise the transient nature of this world when a loved one suddenly dies and leaves us for the permanent destination Al-Akhira.

Don’t be distracted from worshiping Allah by this tricky finite world and don’t be deceived by the material world. Everyone has needs list which is always full. Rich and poor – every one has a need. Obviously needs differ, but we all have needs. What usually fuels our needs is not being content with what Allah gave us. So we are always producing needs. If you don’t have a car, you want one. When you get it you want to change it because it’s old. When you change it, you are still not happy with it and want to save money for the latest model. The same goes with every need. If you are single you want to marry. When Allah bless you with a good wife or husband you wonder how life would have been if you had a different wife or a husband. If you don’t have children – you want a child. If Allah bless your marriage with a daughter you will long for a son. And if Allah accepts your wish and grants you another son your need will not stop there and you will dream of another son because your friends have more sons. If you have Iphone 4, you will think about owning iphone 5, and if your wish is granted and you get iphone 5, you will dream about owning the much better Samsung Galaxy 4. I’m just making a point – I’m not fussy about smart phones. Stick to your iphone.

Not being happy and content with what Allah has given us is what generally stops us from being happy. This is the barrier to being a good person and a good Muslim and to lead a peaceful tranquil life. If you are constantly running after the worldly needs of this temporary leave to remain world, when are you going to find time preparing for the Akhira – the indefinite leave to remain life that awaits us? Its reported that prophet Mohamed said “Whoever wakes up safely in his home and is healthy in his body and has a provisions for his day, would have acquired all the worldly possessions he is in need of” Carefully study this Hadith. There is a lot of wisdom in it. Tell me what is more important than health? Will you trade your health for Million pounds? What about your safety – will you give it up for a similar amount of money? Concentrate on the provisions aspect of the Hadith. The prophet didn’t say who ever has provisions for his week, or for his month, a year on so on, he said provisions for a day, and some people worry about not having enough money in the account in case they lose their job and can’t look after their families for few months or a year as if the world will be without Allah for this period. Subhana Allah.

Let us thank Allah for what we have, be content with this, and work for our Akhira so that we are successful in this world and the permanent life here after. Please Allah instead of falling to the trap of pleasing others and Allah will please you Insha Allah.