Somaliland: German Think Tank Explores Somaliland Statehood


By: Yusuf M HasanDr Omar-3rd- at the the Berlin briefing

BERLIN (Somalilandsun) – The German security think tank- Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik is privy to procedures leading to the statehood of the unrecognized nation in the Horn of Africa.

A plenary session at the think tank headquarters in Berlin composed of legislators, Diplomats, Journalists, Academics and Investors listened to a briefing on the country’s statehood presented by foreign minister Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar.

The minister fielded questions from participants whose queries pertained to their varied areas of interest informed Somalilandsun that the pre and post briefing networking has resulted to a diversified intent for investors and donors initiating projects in the country.

A full summary of the briefing is to follow

For a pictorial tour of the event click this link Dr Omar presenting statehood briefingDr Omar-c- briefs the think tank