Somalia Conference – Why now?


Somalilandsun – According to the UK government’s justification f Conference on Somalia or resumed talks with Somaliland?or proposed Somalia talks it plans to host in June “now is the best time in a generation for Somalia to get back onto the road to recovery”. THOUGH SOMALILAND IS EXPECTED TO PARTAKE IN THE TALKS THE OFFICIAL STATEMENT BY THE FCO RELEASED ON 1 FEBRUARY 2013, HAS NO MENTION OF SOMALILAND AT ALL-EDITOR

Prospects for change

Now is the best time in a generation for Somalia to get back onto the road to recovery with the support of its international friends and neighbours. The changes in Somalia over the last year, including the withdrawal of Al Shabaab from major towns and cities, the peaceful transition of power to a new government, and renewed international support, offer a unique platform on which to build stability and security in the country.

Following the end of the Transitional Federal Government in August last year, Somalia has a more legitimate government than it has seen in many decades.

The new government has issued a six point plan in which it has made clear commitments to improve security and justice, reduce corruption, stimulate economic recovery, deliver services in the health and education sector, foster cooperation with international partners, and uphold the unity and integrity of Somalia. Parliament too has a timetable for revising Somalia’s constitution in preparation for an eventual referendum.

With the improvements in security enabled by Somalia’s national security forces with support from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), people are rebuilding their properties and businesses. Confidence is increasing, and the diaspora are returning. It is vital that we now take this opportunity to maintain momentum and create the conditions to enable Somalia’s innate spirit of entrepreneurialism to thrive.