Somaliland: One Dies after Tragic Feast


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

EEL BAHAY (Somalilandsun) – one person has died and over sixty others ailing after feasting on infected meat.

According to the Harirad town medical officer of health Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Aynaan The death occurred in Eelbahay village of Salal region after he consumed infected meat from a sick camel.

Another 60 of the many Eelbahay villagers who consumed the meat are reportedly out of danger after their ailments incurred after they too consumed the feast meat turned tragic received treatment from emergency medical teams dispatched by the Somaliland Red Crescent Society-SRCS, Awdal regional ministry of health and the international NGO of Merlin.

This information given to Haatuf newspaper by the Harirad health officer indicates that the over 60 residents who are recovering after emergency treatment are a mix of children and adults that clear proof that the fateful feast was a communal event.

While meat is the chief diet of Somalilanders the continued reports of similar cases in various parts of the country need urgent attention by both the government and donor organizations thus avail public health inspectors accordingly.

The country which is host to the Sheikh Veterinary School-SVS an international institute mandated with the training of veterinary students from East and central Africa, graduates a large number of skilled public health officers on an annually.

The irony is that as hundreds of skilled official graduate from the SVS, the government assimilates them but alas they are posted to pen pushing jobs in Hargeisa and Berbera thus a rethink on this policy that deprives other areas of the crucial services.