Somaliland: Former Hargeisa city council land planning director survives assassination attempt;


By: Moody Boodle

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun) The former Hargeisa city council land planning director narrowly escaped assassination attempt in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Mr. Abdillahi Aw Ali Ahmed who before his termination by the new elected councilors served as the council land planning director. His sacking comes after the councilors said that he is not qualified to continue serving as the land planning director.

Mr. Abdillahi who lived to tell the story said that while driving a hi car was sprayed with bullets by un identified people in another vehicle passing by near his.

He added that at the moment his vehicle is in the CID compound and his residence is under a 24 hours supervision of a police security detail.

This is the fourth assassination attempt targeting persons with a history of holding public offices.