Somaliland: Civil Aviation Ministry Conducts a Feasibility Study Survey on Burao Airport.


Community volunteers help clear Burao vairport for renovation under the direction of Aviation minister Mahmud A Hashi/file

By: Osman A.M.

BURAO (Somalilandsun) Officials from the ministry of civil aviation accompanied by foreign experts in aviation engineering conducted a feasibility survey on expansion of runaway together with construction of hangers in Burao airport.

The chairman of airport renovation committee Sheikh Ali Maulid highlighted on the nature & scope of the survey study and the challenges encountered since inception of the initial research.

Mr. Ali listed some of the steps undertaken as eviction of airport land occupiers which he thanked the ministry for facilitation the exercise of resettling the evictees elsewhere. He also stated his committee & the ministry are in process of constructing a perimeter fence and entrance and exit gates which he hoped would be completed soon.

The airport renovation boss challenged anyone doubting the developments ongoing in all airports to come & see for themselves as the positive changes are tangible.

The Director General in civil aviation ministry Mr. Abdi Ali explained the preparations required for compiling the survey report which entails collection of soil sample for analysis abroad & measurements of the length, width, thickness of the runaways’ tarmac plus the estimated cost of the construction.

Mr. Ali also assured of the competence & experts conducting the study who he termed them as engineers with global experience in construction of runaways & aircraft hangers.

The D.G. also hinted that upon receipt of the research report the ministry would solicit for construction funds from donor nations.

It is expected that the feasibility survey shall be concluded in the soonest time possible to allow soil samples to be taken abroad for laboratory analysis.