Somaliland: Foreign Minister Reprimand Puntland against Provocations


Somaliland Foreign Minister Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – Foreign & International Affairs Minister has revealed that Somaliland has established good relations with Somalia but reminded Mogadishu to admonish Puntland against its latest offensive provocations.

Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis while being interviewed by SLNTV took the opportunity to refine the recent tour that saw President Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo visit Eastern & Western Regions of the country describing it as a normal routine aimed at witnessing the living conditions of his fellow countrymen and experience the diverse landscape.

Mr. Bihi also termed the President’s visit to regions as acknowledgement of peace & security prevailing the country that attracted the eyes of international community while dispelling Puntland’s claims of territorial aggression as ‘a mere storm in a cup of tea”.

Commenting on the latest provocations in eagerness to self defense the foreign Minister said,

“Puntland is part & parcel of Federal Government of Somalia and we are two neighboring nations & it knows that & the international community knows where our boundaries with Puntland are and they have no right whatsoever to comment when our leaders visit part of our country. Somaliland shall not accept external antagonism of its territorial borders as we are peace loving people”.

The Minister verified his commitments to working with UN in resolving their self determination objective with Somalia that would ultimately lead to delinking Somaliland from the rest of volatile Somalia. To this end, Mr. Bihi informed viewers that President Silanyo had named a four member cabinet sub-committee of which he is the head with a view to engage Somalia in dialogue in the process leading to our recognition and hoped to strengthen diplomacy with the neighbors.