Somaliland: “Our Forces Will Frog March Puntland’s Leadership to Hargeisa” Indho-Indho


MP Indoindo

BY: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A member of parliament from the House of Elders who hails from the eastern region of Somaliland that borders Somalia’s Puntland has signaled of massive & severe military repercussions if it advances claims of Somaliland’s territorial borders leading to capturing Puntland’s President Abdiwelli Gas before frog marching him from his capital Garowe.

Hon. Indho-Indho espoused that Government founded along tribal lines cannot survive the new world order wondering why Abdiwelli could not learn from his attendance of Ethiopia’s cultural day when the country with diverse cultural & tribal traits recently celebrated the event cohesively.

The legislator scold off self proclaimed regional president that he should not consider his kith and kin as belonging to Puntland & are by all chance Somalilanders by birth.

Mr. Indho-Indho while briefing private media advised Abdiwelli to secure his administration from Al-Shabab threats first before thinking of venturing parts of Somaliland’s region along tribal lines daring that if provocations endure soldiers would march to his capital in Garowe & capture him and his brigade before frog marching them to Hargeisa as prisoners of war.