Somaliland: National Assembly Permanent Committee Laid Foundation Stone for the House Regional Offic


Buubaa Lays foundation stone for parliament's coastal house

By: Moody Boodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) The National house of assembly in Somaliland

permanent committee members have officially laid the foundation stone

for another regional office in Berbera, Sahil region, bringing the

number to two after the previously one opened in Awdal.

The permanent committee chairman and official spokesman for Waddani,

Hon. Ibrahim Mahdi Buba flanked by the 2nd chairman of the national

assembly, Sahil region governor, Berbera port manager, deputy mayor of

Berbera and the remaining members of the permanent committee presided

over the laying of the foundation stone for the national house liaison


Hon. Ibrahim Mahdi Buba said that this is where the members of the

public and the university student will find access to their

constitution and constitutional rights to read and debate on hence

educate the citizens on the constituted legal rights to those who have

any knowledge whatsoever In its regard.

Meanwhile the permanent committee thanked the manager of Berbera port

Eng. Ali Horhor and the regional administration for their warm welcome

and hospitality.