Somaliland: Foreign Minister Briefs Parliamentary Committee


Dr Mohamed A Omar in his officeBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The nation is set on a new approach in its foreign policy and quest for international recognition.

The current foreign policy is under review with a view to an intensified quest for international recognition through a systematic and regionalized quest that will lay emphasis on known and sympathetic friends of the country

This was revealed by the minister of foreign affairs Dr Abdilahi Mohamed Omar outside parliament buildings in Hargeisa after a lengthily briefing to the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs.

The closed-door briefing by the minster revolved around prevalent foreign policy and review plans recommended by the just concluded three days administration self-analysis meeting chaired by the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo at the presidency.

One of the main points to emerge from the council of minister’s activities analysis meeting was the imperative need for an immediate review of current foreign policy thus a new approach to the quest for international sovereignty recognition.

The country’s foreign policy chief informed that, members of the house foreign policy committee concurred with the administration’s recommendations for reviewing the foreign policy with a view to establishing a systematic and regionalized quest targeting Africa Union, Arab League, IGAD, EU, Americas as a prelude to the United Nations

While briefing the parliamentary foreign policy watchdog the minister dwelt on existing relations, existing and on plan foreign missions, Envoys representing foreign countries in Somaliland as well as those targeted for establishing a physical presence in the country.

The legislators who also made several suggestions for inclusion in on the process foreign policy review urged the administration and more specifically the ministry of foreign affairs to ensure that substantial achievements are made as pertains the long sought and elusive international recognition within the remaining two years mandate of president Silanyo.

Though the country is yet to attain the said long sought and elusive sovereignty recognition tremendous achievements have been made in the international arena where Somaliland has been invited and participated in various conferences as an equal with other countries whose flag fly at UN headquarters.

With the discernible shift towards a concerted and systematic quest for international recognition coupled with the stoicism of citizens whose ambitions for self-determination has been met with blindness to achievements and deafness to pleas for two decades, something or somebody has to change either for the better or worse.

On the other hand, it is worth realizing that the much-acclaimed national referendum of 2001 was a solo undertaking by Somaliland despite the presence of international observers who termed the 97% yes vote for sovereignty as a clear indication of the population’s wishes.

It is therefore worth a rethink as per a new referendum in which the international community would play a major role thus its stamp as it does in the very successful democratization process of the country that is coveted by big name nations in Africa.

On second thoughts, why not ask this international community to undertake a referendum similar to the one in South Sudan.