Somalia: WASH Minimum Standards Survey in Jowle IDP


Abdiqani Farah of  TCG GaroweBy: Abdiqani Farah

GAROWE (Somalilandsun) – On 29 September, 2012—Triangle Consulting Group has conducted a Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) standards survey in Jowle IDP in Garowe, Puntland. The study has shown that the basic requirements of WASH standards are unmet in Jowle IDP.

The survey focused on basic emergency needs of WASH and revealed that for the most part, Jowle IDP is under-served in regard with Sphere Minimum Standards which holds that for the efficiency and the effectivessness of the humanitarian actions, certain steps and strategic planning must be carried out.

Jowle IDP hosts 1500 households who live in a grave condition. These households share 30 malfunctioning latrines that never come close to what WASH minimum standards rules advocate. Worse, the whole IDP also shares three hand pump wells where water is sold for So.Shillings 2000 per 20 litter container.

Jowle IDP is believed to be one the most served camps in Puntland and still suffers from situations ranging from under-service to emergency needs that humanitarian service providers are lagging behind.

Yusuf Ahmed Deputy Chairman of Jowle puts it this way, “This camp is where humanitarian agencies are both visible and invisible. We get services but nothing is visible.”

Abdiqani Farah