Somaliland: Traditional leaders Support Appointment of Hagaltosie


Suldan Mohamed Suldan AbdiqadirBy: Mahmoud Walaleye

Hargeisa (The Horn) – Traditional leaders in the country welcome the appointment of Suleiman Hagaltosie to the council of ministers.

The Chief Suldan of Somaliland, Suldan Mohamed Suldan Abdiqadir has termed the ministerial appointment of Hagaltosie as a historic move similar to the Buhodle peace accord he spearheads.

Sultan Mohamed said that the gesture of elevating Hagaltosie is a mark of president Silanyo’s leadership acumen as other rebels without a cause will follow the Hagaltosie path and lay down arms thus ensure calm and peace-full co-existence in the whole country.

While entreating Allah for success of the ongoing Buhodle peace accords the traditional leader urged members of the country’s media to be wary of sensational reporting that might impinge on the quest for peace especially in the volatile regions in the east of the country.

“I urge the government, media and citizens in the country and the diaspora to rally behind the peace accords”

He further stressed on the importance of the ongoing change for peace and reconciliation in the east, which is stabilizing the hitherto volatile areas. He also paid tribute to the elders from East Sanaag region who are currently in Hargeisa to finalize peace arrangements with the government.

In Conclusion to his chat with the Hornnewspaper Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir asked the government not to bask in success of reconciliations but continue to consult traditional elders and elders who are the main architects of stability in the country.