Somaliland: Foreign Doctor Performs Unwarranted Operation to 30yrs Old Woman


By: Moody Boodle

Hargeisa: (Somalilandsun) – A foreign doctor, who has been practicing his profession in Hargeisa, had performed a sad and unwarranted operation last month (February) to a 30 year old woman succeeding to remove her uterus that was in a very normal state of condition.

The woman who is said to have gone to the New Hargeisa Hospital, was diagnosed by the foreign doctor a Russian national and told her afterwards that she is suffering from uterine cancer, a disease in which the cancer cells grow in the womb. Thereafter he told and persuaded the woman that her only treatment is through the later operation hence operating her after 3 days.

This is a proof that almost half the number of these foreign doctors who publicly practice their profession entrance to Somaliland is illegal because they don’t never go through any vetting process in scrutinizing the professionals criteria to allow their practicing which would have prevented such terrible unfortunate acts like this one that totally reshape the future of persons or even sudden deaths.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that the woman was suffering from TB and not the uterine cancer thus the doctor’s un professional decision succeeded in cutting short the 30 year old woman prime dream just like the rest of women in having babies and a family to look after.

On the other hand, the Somaliland Medical Association has disclosed the reasons why the government locked the doors of a medical institution called (Habiba Hanan) that was opened by a said Dr. Ma’o also a Somali origin from abroad.

The chairman of the doctors association (SMA) Dr. Abdirashid Hashi Abdi, said that Dr. Ma’o has been obstructed to practice because he has evaded the medical profession screening by entering the country posing as a visitor. He added that there are foreign doctors who are currently practicing but seeked application with the board of screening professional criteria.