Somaliland Community in Riyadh Raises Funds for National Library


Design Concept of proposed Somaniland national Library

By: Moody Boodle

RIYADH: (Somalilandsun) The committee that is responsible in initiating the construction of the Somaliland national library who have been in the Arabian countries mobilizing to raise funds for the project, were warmly welcomed in a ceremony function held in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

The function which elaborated in speeches the importance of books saw the attendance of several elders, traditional leaders, scholars and youth

Mr. Ahmed Dahir Elmi, the national committee lead member explained how it is of importance that the country establishes a national library and also the committee task progress, places they have visited so far and the obstacles ahead that needs to be overcome, since its establishment.

Mr. Ahmed presented a very well calculated research showing the dire need of the institution citing an example as the place where to find the history of Somaliland.