Somalia: ‘No Withdrawals of Monies from Central Bank, Unknowing to the House’ Parliament Speaker


Prof. Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari

By: Moody Boodle

Mogadishu: (Somalilandsun) The chairman and speaker of the parliament Prof. Mohamed Sheikh Osman (Jawari) has said that from the month of April henceforth there shall be no monies withdrawn from the Central Bank of Somalia, without the notification of the house finance committee who will also be briefed of the funds purposes and management.

This announcement comes after the speaker released a written statement while the house was on session and added that the statement will be forwarded to the bank on the 1st of April. Said he ‘all the assets in the government coffers belong to the people of Somalia who are represented by the parliament hence no monies shall be withdrawn without the house approval.

This is the first time the house has made such a move since its establishment in 2012, to control the national assets that is owned by the people of Somalia. Somalia is scheduled to hold parliamentary election in 2012.