Somaliland: Devolving Development to Grassroots Envisages Government Agenda


Minister Hirsi

By: Osman A.M

BURAO: (Somalilandsun) – The Presidency Minister Hon. Hirsi Haji Ali Hassan briefed media outlet on the concluded ministerial delegation that saw initiation of development project in War-Ibran District of Toghdeer region.

Minister Hirsi while commenting on the concluded official visit, “It was in the last few days when a delegation of cabinet ministers including myself went to War-Ibran District purposely to initiate novel development projects as well as unveiling the completed ones when I realized the sincerity of our people who wholeheartedly received and hosted us with sanity of mind and open hands in all the centers we passed before reaching Wa-Ibran District”

The presidency Minister reminded the people on the challenges and upheavals that the nation underwent by chronologically narrating the situation of yesteryears when the country dissolved its union with Somalia and the fact on the ground today with project under taken with optimal progress that would ultimately develop Somaliland to be at par with develop nations.

Commenting on the issue Mr. Hirsi said, “Unveiling of these projects in enhancement of better leaving conditions of our people and pledges that we are committed shows the government commitment to devolve development by decentralizing projects from national, regional, District till grassroots. One thing that however makes me proud is the fact that the people of Somaliland are development minded wherever they are coming always after the forefront yearning for developin