Somaliland: FM Behi in Canadian Visit


Somaliland foreign minister Behi in Ottawa for official duties in Canada

Somalilandsun – The Somaliland foreign minister Mohamed Behi Younis is in the Canadian city of Ottawa where he shall undertake official duties and meet with the Diaspora living in the North American Country.
Below is a press release from the Ottawan Somaliland Community.

Press Release and Public diplomacy news. The Ottawa Somaliland Community forwarding the press release regarding the arrival of Mr. Mohamed Bihi Younis ,the Foreign Minister of Somaliland to Canada.
The Ottawa Somaliland Community hereby welcomes the visit of Mohamed Bihi Younis the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somaliland.Mr. Younis is also a Canadian Citizen. Mr. Younis held one of the most senior posts in the United Nations after retiring from the African Development Bank as a Human Resources Director.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Mohamed Bihi Younis has been busily engaged in furthering the Somaliland cause since he has been appointed as his present post the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
The Almighty divinity powers of Mother Nature forces help those who help themselves. The Somaliland self-determinat ion to achieve their goals of becoming a fully independent Sovereignty enjoying the constitutional legitimacy rights of the post Independence of the 1960s should be the main focus of the Somaliland Foreign policy. While there are still more rooms for improvements it’s fair to say that the policies and politics of the Somaliland Govt under the wise pragmatic leadership of President Silaanyo are promoting the domestic and foreign investment projects while also working hard to gain full recognition for membership into the International Communities.

Abshir Nur Omer. President
Ottawa Somaliland Community Services
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