Somaliland: Liyuu Police of Ethiopia Hosting Warlord Galayd


American Warlord Ali Khalif gakayd seeks sanctuary in Ethiopia while former Somalia PM Ali M Geedi is wandering the Sool wilderness

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd and American citizen waging war in Somaliland is in the outskirts of the Ethiopian Zone five regional capital Jigjiga.
The Liyuu police reportedly offered Sanctuary to Warlord Galayd after they abetted his escape from capture by the Somaliland national army at SaahDheer town in Sool region when an illegal assembly of Khatumo secessionists was disrupted.
At the skirmishes then resultant between the army and clan militias aligned to the Khatumo secession, two Somalia MPS and 11 militias were captured and Warlord Galayd injured but managed to escape towards the Ethiopian Border where Liyuu police were on hand to help.
The warlord who is an American citizen has been interfering in the peaceful co-existence prevalent in Somaliland through the arming of Dhulbahante clan militias for confrontation with Somaliland authorities and subsequent moves to curve a purported Khatumo state out of areas under within Somaliland boundaries.
During the disrupted ceremony in which American Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd waging war in Somaliland was to be crowned president of the mythical Khatumo state in which the SFG was reported to have funded to the tune of hundreds of thousands in US dollars and dispatched senior functionaries among them former Prime minister Prof Ali Mohamed Geedi who narrowly escaped captured but not two legislators.
According to the Somaliland armed forces Chief of staff General Ismail Mohamed Shakale the army shall not allow now or in the future any group or country to interfere in the sovereignty of Somaliland and any attempts towards the said shall be met with equivalent force.